Saturday, 18 May 2013

No One’s Slave

Each day unleashed before me
Brings a new sky to the fore
A new colour in the rainbow
That I’d not noticed before

It spreads its wings, wide and fearlessly
Knowing, without it, the picture is incomplete
And though it’s not understood now
It will be accepted eventually

And when the Sun goes down and twinkling is out
Night sky brings to me
So many lights – dull and bright,
Where each one counts,
Though some can’t be seen

They tell me their heart is their guide
There is no wrong, there is no right
So brave, they explore and cross lines!
Not scared of failure or envy

I want to reach for the sky
And put it all in me,
There’s a difference inside
That wants to break free!
So tear apart my heart,
I want to make a fresh start,
So, I am what I want to be

Trying to figure out my life
Who says I can’t take time?
Don’t like the answer I’ve got
That’s not what I want
I don’t want to be
Yet another slave to Stereotype