Monday, 15 April 2013


The mountain stands still
Calm and serene
Her head held aloft
Yet unheard, and almost unseen

She seems to go on and on
Like the infinite
Standing beside me, with me
Day and night

She begins with pure white
At the top
Her body follows thereafter
Like a pearly frock

O, my! She is not pretty
No, not in the least
Not with the wrinkled Earth she bears,
Nor the wild bushes she so lovingly cares,

No, what stands out is her beauty
Unmatched, by any animate soul
That walks the planet,
Till its deepest bowl

She’s not even inanimate
Yet, beyond the living
She is with me all the time
She is tender and giving

For, when I feel tired, worn out
Her warmth is what comforts me
More than any patting, her cradle I desire
The lap above her knee

She is not perfect,
Thus, I rave at her sometimes, for her imperfection
Yet, on Doomsday,
I see my true reflection

And realize,
She provides me so much essential for existence
Yet makes no sound about it
Remains silent, and just does sit

I regret angering her.
I feel really sorry
When she displays her landslides, her rules, her norms,
I take her for granted
Till, at last, she storms

Oh, so royal!
And I think-
What would life be without her?
Close to nothing,

I want her to be with me,
All day, all night
And shudder when I fantasize
What would it all have been like
Had she not have been
Love you, Nani!!