Monday, 15 April 2013


Thousands of years ago
The Sun stared at all below
“I am the King of all beings,
Before me you’ll bow”.

With this he stood tall
And became as hot as hell,
A soul did not survive thereafter
Not a creature on Earth did dwell.

Heaven above was disturbed
To see such fury,
Deciding something had to be done
He chose to act jury.

Succumbing under the hot sun
Tears fell from His eye,
And drops of rain were first felt
From the azure sky.

“Ha! This is what you send, O Lord,
To defeat Earth’s royalty?!
Why, a thing made of drops,
How could it possibly overcome me?”

No doubt a tough call ‘twas
To look up to the sun,
But something had to be done for sure
The battle had to be won.

A tiny droplet opened its eyes
“A challenge did I hear?”
“Oh, get back, you fool,” did the ocean sigh,
“Aware are you what you’ll have to bear?”

“Yes, sir, aware I am,
That I’ll exist no more,
But does that make me sit back,
Is that the true cure?”

“Go on, then,” roared the ocean,
“We’ll see what you get,
And when you break in agony
Don’t you dare fret!”

“So then, so long! Fare thee well!”
The tone was unusually grave,
“For time will tell, and you’ll learn
How fortune favours the brave!”

And so he dared to see eye to eye
With the Heat above,
Who said, “You’ll soon be gone, you proud twit,
Go remember the ones you love!”

Escaping ocean was one thing
But what about the rest?
The newly hatched never knew
What lay beyond the nest!

The sun glared down upon the drop
Lo behold! It turned into a wisp,
“Yes! Come forward to challenge me,
And I’ll deal you a death kiss!”

At the sight of the vapour drop
The ocean booed and sniggered galore
The failure pierced the tiny heart
Right through the core.

“Am I a fool really,
To dream beyond the infinite?
Can there really be no match
For the sun’s might?”

In the sad eyes reflected
The wicked looks of all,
Fire and ice together
Were determined for his fall.

The condensed drop was charged again
To prove ‘em all wrong,
For faith he had in God,
“He won’t make me wait so long!”

This time he aimed for the ray
That needled him so,
“Die, if I must, I shall,
But I will defeat my foe!”

So he went to touch the sun above
To see himself win
What happened? He got lost,
The yellow sun within!

A moment of silence,
Not a whisper, not a word,
And then it spread into the sky
Like the wings of a bird!

Together, they watched awestruck
As the beauty unfolded before
A white light split into the magnificent colours
Of the rainbow!

“So there! Yes, friends,
What I have done, you could've too, long ago,
Go rise, at least try,
Don’t lie so low!”
And since time immemorial
This practice began,
Reminding us of the tiny drop
That dared to say, “I can!”

So, rise up and take the challenge
You won’t be you, for sure
Try, as much as you fail,
Rise up, and dare to dare,
And you will be much more!!