Saturday, 13 April 2013


Today I stand tall and proud; I face the world
Evolved from mere cell to a complete life form
9 crucial months of toil make an independent being
Dependent on Her womb, safe and warm

Today I stand a big man; how can I afford to not look back?
This wouldn't be, but for the tube I stuck to,
Through which I was fed;
When Nature chooses to bind us to our roots
Who am I to break the thread?

Brother, what’s before you will seem interesting
The unseen will intrigue you even more
But your past holds value too; don’t let go, hold on
Before it has closed its doors.

For it reminds you of where you started
All the hard work that brought you here
And reminds you that those you contempt today
Can rise and be your greatest fear

Your past urges you to climb, but not so high
That what's below becomes a blur,
Yet prevents you from stooping so low
Lest the ground beneath should stir.

So don't pull so hard the string snaps
And you're blown away by the winds of change
Your soul keeps you in place, it's your conscience,
Don't let your mind leave it estranged

Wagging tongues swayed by the glitz and glamour; living speaking puppets
Are dumb, for there is no inner voice
Awestruck eyes that stare at the lights are blind
To all reason, truth, integrity, honesty they once rejoiced.

Fairly judge your rights and wrongs
Don’t let jealousy consume and devour you,
Don’t harbour hatred and loathing
You know you don’t need to

For you know you’re not a block of ice, that
Can’t find warmth even among your own
You’re not yet so isolated, that
You can’t find a shoulder to lean and cry on

Dark clouds envelope all lives; you aren’t immune
So don’t hesitate to help the needy, where smile and glow are rare;
Do, because you feel, and not to enhance your CV
And yet don’t please the world so much that you ignore your near and dear

Don’t underestimate the power of love and the morals She taught you
Don’t dismiss them as old wives’ tales
Their prayers and blessings come to your rescue
When everything else fails

Life’s a bed of roses from above, but
Much awaits the keen eye, if you look under
Stalks, leading pretty petals down to their low, brown roots
Thorns, for the careless and prone to blunder

So don’t stand so stiff
That you break if you bend,
Be ready to apologize. Fall and rise
Admit your mistakes and learn from them

And yet, don’t fall so deep, that getting up again seems away
March forward, slowly and steadily; take one step at a time.
Don’t always rush, silence strikes gold
Introspection requires time, it doesn't happen overnight.

Cleanse your soul, make it your natural self
But preserve your dignity all the while
Don’t be a silent tongue to abuse, speak up against injustice
Today I stand tall, But am not vile! But am not docile!

All I say preserves one essence
To grow – into a better person, a better place
And this will definitely ensure your success.

They link to heaven. Don’t fear, feel the God within you, He is always present.
Take a few moments off. Stop.
And hear His voice. In peace.
And see, See that your string is so taut!
Please don’t let it strain!
The thread breaks, and you will feel the pain.

Don’t change so much that you cannot recognize yourself in the mirror.
So, don’t lose the touch, don’t withdraw the affection.
Spare a second, look at what you’re doing
Don’t ever break the connection.