Sunday, 14 April 2013


It’s pelting down outside
I look out of my home
I see a creature trapped; I'm moved by its plight
The beast is a miserable sight.

Its eyes are confused and scared
It doesn't seem to know how it ended up caged
Tears of worry, fear and dread well up
Its whimpers plead with me to set it free,
It looks at my world with envy.

I think it’s cursing its milieu
That thrives on survival instinct, where might is right,
Where one animal devours the other mercilessly, and
Cages and clouds of darkness and sorrow are, sometimes, impossible to fight

Who must be so cruel, as to cage the helpless soul?
Why must it be caged, while I walk free?
So I take a step towards it
I want to help it escape,
But they tell me it’s a bad idea

“That beast has ruined our homeland”, they tell me,
“Our peace, our children, our shelter are in peril.
It deserves what it got; it brought this onto itself,
The Earth can survive only by rejecting that devil.”

“But, to err is human,” I feel for the soul!
They say -
“Ah! But the error of being a human is grave!
That thing has always frowned upon us, as creatures so base!
Now it looks to us for help, the knave!

Nature chose it to discern right from wrong
So it mistook itself for the mightiest of all.
It prides on its spine, and struts proud and tall,
I've never seen a more spineless creature,
But son, the higher you rise, the harder you fall!

The divisions it created to satisfy its ends
Backfired; its atrocities ghettoed it, without a care!
Bar after bar, the prison closed in,
The entrapped soul was forced to drink its own poison,
Do you still think it’s unfair?”

So I acquiesce, and walk back to my den
I turn my back on the perfidious beast; it looks outraged
I walk back, free, with my pals – the birds and the animals,
While the human sits there, unhappy and caged.